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Manchester Family History Advanced OWL Tutorial in February

Manchester Family History Advanced OWL Tutorial

Dates: 27th/28th February 2014

Time: 10am – 5pm

Location: Room G306a Jean McFarlane Building, University of Manchester.

The Bio-Health Informatics Group at The University of Manchester invites you to participate in a newly developed OWL Ontology that covers more advanced language concepts for OWL.

The overall goal for this tutorial is to introduce the more advanced language concepts for OWL. This new tutorial builds on the world-famous Manchester Pizza Tutorial, by exploring OWL concepts in greater depth, concentrating on properties, property hierarchies, property features and individuals. The topic of family history is used to take the tutee through various modelling issues and, in doing so, using many features of OWL 2 to build a Family History Knowledgebase (FHKB). The exercises involving the FHKB are designed to maximise inference about family history through use of an automated reasoner on an OWL knowledgebase (KB) containing many members of the Stevens family.  The aim, therefore, is to enable people to learn advanced features of OWL 2 in a setting that involves both classes and individuals, while attempting to maximise the use of inference within the FHKB.


By the end of the tutorial you will be able to:

  1. Know about the separation of entities into TBox and ABox;
  2. Use classes and individuals in modelling;
  3. Write detailed class expressions;
  4. Assert facts about individuals;
  5. Use the effects of property hierarchies, property characteristics, domain/range constraints to drive inference;
  6. Use property characteristics and subproperty chains on inferences about individuals
  7. Understand and manage the consequences of the open world assumption in the TBox and ABox;
  8. Use nominals in class expressions;
  9. Appreciate some of the limits of OWL 2.


Supplementary material for the tutorial can be found at: http://owl.cs.manchester.ac.uk/publications/talks-and-tutorials/fhkbtutorial/

The cost of the course is £250 per day.


Registration and Further Information

To register, please email Kieran O’Malley

(kieran.omalley@manchester.ac.uk) prior to February 21st 2014. Payment options will be returned to you following reservation. For further information please visit the website at:


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