OWL research at the University of Manchester

Joint research by members of the Information Management Group and the Bio-Health Informatics Group.

So you want to do a PhD

The School of Computer Science offers both traditional 3 year PhDs and, as a result of being awarded funding from EPSRC to form a Centre for Doctoral Training, a 4 year PhD. Both the IMG and the BHIG group have people interesting and willing to supervise PhD projects related to OWL.

There are quite a few possible projects related to OWL running from those in pure theoretical computer science (for example, determining the complexity bounds of various extensions to OWL) to those in the comparatively new area of empirical ontology engineering (for example, investigating the cognitive complexity of certain forms of explanation). You do not need to determine the exact project you wish to pursue before application, but it does help to at least get a sense of the landscape and what might interest you while also being suited to your skill, capabilities, and inclinations.

How to apply