OWL research at the University of Manchester

Joint research by members of the Information Management Group and the Bio-Health Informatics Group.

CO-ODE Project

Due to some issues with the university web servers, the CO-ODE project site is temporarily not available. This is a list of resources that were previously available on www.co-ode.org.

About the CO-ODE project (ended in August 2009)

As ontology development becomes more widespread and the Web Ontology Language, OWL, gathers interest from more and more communities, it is vital that tools that enable the technology develop along a user-oriented path.

The CO-ODE project aims to provide support for communities interested in OWL by developing materials, enhancing tools, and looking at some of the theoretical problems to help form usable solutions before big problems arise.

The success of this project will be measured by the increase in use of these tools by all users, from beginners to domain experts and knowledge engineers.

We work in collaboration with members of the Protégé team, through development of the OWL editor, and encouraging its use through additional plugins, tutorial material, workshops and contact with the community.

The research team is based in the Bio Health Informatics Group at The University of Manchester Department of Computer Science.

Tutorials and teaching material

Protégé links


  • The Pizza ontology: Contains much of the online tutorial
  • Broken Pizzas: Shows common errors made while building OWL ontologies
  • Generations: Using the reasoner to help describe family relationships
  • Amino Acid: A small ontology of Amino Acids and their properties
  • Sample Top Bio: An extract of the top levels of GALEN, described by the paper by A. Rector and J. Rogers
  • Galen: The full GALEN ontology of medical terms, anatomy and drugs translated into OWL – by Julian Seidenberg
  • Demo Ontologies package [ZIP]: A selection of ontologies used for tutorials such as ISWC2005
  • OWL lists: Core ontology for creating lists in OWL.
  • Photography: An OWL2 ontology of photographic equipment and fundamental principals (work in progress).

Bio Tutorial Ontologies