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Manchester Family History Advanced OWL Tutorial

A comprehensive step-by-step guide to modelling family history using advanced OWL 2 features.

Please refer to the errata for each version before asking questions about the tutorial.

The original version of this tutorial is kept here for reference.

Written by Robert Stevens, Margaret Stevens, Nicolas Matentzoglu and Simon Jupp.


This tutorial was realised as part of the Semantic Web Authoring Tool (SWAT) project, which is supported by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) grant EP/G032459/1, to the University of Manchester, the University of Sussex and the Open University.

Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License


About the tutorial

The Manchester Family History Advanced OWL tutorial covers many OWL 2 language features and assumes that the reader is already familiar with the language basics, covered by the Protégé OWL Tutorial (aka the Pizza Tutorial). In that sense, the FHKB tutorial, despite being autonomous all by itself, can be seen as directly building on the Pizza tutorial.

The full FHKB

This is the full Family History Knowledge Base (FHKB), as created by this tutorial. Further down you can find intermediate snapshots as taken throught the chapters: >> Download here.


Version Download Updated Information Errata
v1.0 PDF version of the FHKB Advanced OWL tutorial 7 March 2013 Original version of the Manchester FHKB Advanced OWL Tutorial. No errata
v1.1 PDF version of the FHKB Advanced OWL tutorial 23 November 2015 Revised version of the FHKB tutorial. No errata

FHKB Ontology Snapshots

Chapter Download Updated Information
Chapter 2 PDF version of the FHKB Advanced OWL tutorial 23 November 2015 Adding some individuals to the FHKB
Chapter 3 FHKB Snapshot Chapter 3 23 November 2015 Ancestors and Descendants
Chapter 4 FHKB Snapshot Chapter 4 23 November 2015 Modelling the Person Class
Chapter 5 FHKB Snapshot Chapter 5 23 November 2015 Siblings in the FHKB
Chapter 6 FHKB Snapshot Chapter 6 23 November 2015 Individuals in Class Expressions
Chapter 7 FHKB Snapshot Chapter 7 23 November 2015 Data Properties in the FHKB
Chapter 8 FHKB Snapshot Chapter 8 23 November 2015 Cousins in the FHKB
Chapter 9 FHKB Snapshot Chapter 9 23 November 2015 Marriage in the FHKB
Chapter 10 FHKB Snapshot Chapter 10 23 November 2015 Extending the TBox
All 23 November 2015 ZIP containing all of the above.

Referencing the Family History tutorial

To cite the Manchester Family History Advanced OWL Tutorial please use:

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